Product Care

Our shoes stand for quality and durability for almost 75 years, thanks to the care we take in their production. However, it is essential to look after your pair every day. Discover our care tips, which will help you keep your favorite pair of shoes even longer!


The excitement of wearing your new pair for the first time is great, however it is important to follow a few tips, even before juming into your new favourite boots:

Remember to use a waterproofing spray in order to make any stain (oil and other fats, food, water, ...) "slide off". Make sure to use a spray adapted to the material of your shoe and follow the advice given on the product.


Remove daily dust and dirt with a cloth.
If your shoes get wet, let them air dry with a shoe tree or paper inside to keep their shape.
We advise you not to store your shoes near a source of strong heat, and/or a source of strong light, as this could alter the colour in the long term.

Our Advice

We strongly advise you not to wash your pair of shoes, whatever their material, in the washing machine or put them in the tumble dryer, as there is a risk of discolouration, degradation of the material or problems of adhesion between the sole and the upper.

Do not use bleach or bleach-based products to wash your shoes.


  • Remove dust and other residues with a dry cloth.
  • Gently rub the shoes with a cloth moistened with soapy water.
  • Rub with a second cloth to remove 'excess' soap and water, then leave the pair to dry in the open air.
  • In case of an ingrained stain: sprinkle a little baking soda on the stain before rubbing. Then wipe with a wet cloth.



  • Remove dust and other residues with a dry cloth.
  • Gently rub the shoes with a cloth moistened with soapy water (such as Marseille soap).
  • Wipe with a second cloth to remove "excess" soap and water, then leave the pair to dry in the open air.
  • To preserve your smooth leather in its original state, you can use a leather nourishing cream. In this case, make sure you select a cream that is suitable for the leather and follow the instructions for use.
  • To keep the shine of the leather, you can apply a polish adapted to the colour of your pair. Shoe polish on smooth leather can also be used to waterproof the pair.


  • First remove dust and other residues.
    Use a soft brush suitable for leather and rub gently. It is important to brush dry and in the direction of the leather.
  • Brushing in the opposite direction will damage the leather you will realize that you brush in the wrong direction if the leather changes colour.


  • First remove dust and other residues.
  • Your shoes can be cleaned with a damp cloth. You can add a little mild soap to the water in case of a visible stain. Be careful not to use any special leather cleaner, as this could damage the synthetic material of your upper.
  • Rub with a second cloth to remove "excess" soap and water.
    Leave the pair to dry in the open air.

Our Extra Tip

Did you know that most of our models have a removable insole? If you wish to ventilate them, you can leave them out in the open in case of odor or wet shoes.

Let me tell you a little anecdote! The little pebbles really like our emblematic notched soles and sometimes lodge themselves in them. Don't worry if one of them persists in accompanying you during your explorations. Just take a small flat screwdriver and a cloth and that's it.

When your outsoles are soiled by mud or dirt, we recommend that you dry them first, so as not to spread the dirt. When your pair is dry you can (outdoors) tap your soles hard against each other to get rid of dirt and small stones.

What to do in case of odors? Put a sprig of lavender in your shoes during the night and they will regain their freshness in the morning. You can do the same with fruit peels, orange or lemon, for example. Another tip is to sprinkle a teaspoon of talcum powder or baking soda on the insole and leave it to absorb overnight.