Aviator Heritage

For more than 70 years, we have been making footprints in history as the trusted choice for explorers of all stripes. As athletes play faster, artists dream bigger, and brave citizens fight for justice and a freer world, we're on the side of those who want to challenge the status quo. From the artist's studio to underground raves, from the battlefield to the frontiers of scientific discovery — ever since making our first pair of boots, Palladium has stayed at the heart of the action, serving bold individuals who dared to reshape our world.


Long before we were splashing through the mud at music festivals or marching over the desert, Palladium's rubber soles were spinning down the hot tarmac. As a manufacturer of airplane tires starting in the 1920's Palladium accompanied a generation of aviation pioneers who helped discover our world by conquering the skies.

Legio Patria Nostra

Left, right, left, right. It was after World War II, and soldiers from around the world were joining forces with the elite french foreign legion to test their courage through mud, sand, and brush. Their motto? "Legio patria nostra"—"The legion is our country". Their shoe? Palladium answered the call for a shoe that was as tough as its members, creating the Palladium Pallabrousse boot in 1947 and later the Pampa in 1949. They were comfortable, they were resistant, and they made history as part of the uniform for one of the world's most legendary forces.

Protection, comfort strength

Being a legionnaire meant walking, crawling, running and climbing, day and night. It wasn't about fighting, but about navigating and surviving in some of the world's most hostile environments.
Palladium shoes accompanied the Legion's forces as they carried the banner for French values around the world. Why Palladium more than any other brand ? Because our boots are sturdy but light, water-resistant, and were the first ones made from canvas, the fastest fabric to dry out. If their design has become timeless, it's because it responds to a fundamental need for resistance-resistance to the elements, to wear and tear, to time and trends.

The Original

New pampa high original 2017 with the paradrop insole

No matter how high your dreams take you, the return to Earth can still be gentle. The Pampa boot was originally designed in 1947 to protect paratroopers in action. 70 years later, not much has changed, and modern day explorers can experience the same smooth landing when they go out pounding the pavement. Our reimagined Pampa OG Butternut has added Paradrop insole technology to become our most comfortable Pampa boot to date. Born in 1947 and reborn in 2017, the Pampa OG is immortal.

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Burning to explore

Haroun Tazieff wanted to look into the bubbling core of volcanoes (the lava) filled lakes that represented the most dangerous and fascinating places in nature. Palladium boots accompanied him on all of his missions as he was trying to go closer than anyone had before.

Hitting the trail

In the 1960s, French families had more leisure time and money to travel. The early years of paid vacation saw an explosion in the popularity of hiking and camping. Our Pallabrousse model wasn't just for the military anymore - French families who wanted to get out of the city and reconnect with nature loved it for its protection and durable construction.

A new revolution may 68

The year was 1968, and paris' university district was boiling with rage and a hunger for freedom. Winds of change were sweeping away the post-world war II regime, with striking, demonstrations, and battles between students and the police.

A fortress built on quicksand

Shoes for the freedom generation. Palladium boots made their debut on the streets as the beatnik spirit inspired thousands of French young people to pound the pavement, while the Pallatennis sneaker proved its speed on the feet of protesters outfoxing the police.

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Shoes for generation freedom

With our Pallatennis sneakers on their feet, the revolutionaries snaked through the streets of a Paris roiled by demonstrations. Their lightness and comfort permitted the young militants to march for hours in the crowds — and to flee when the forces of order resorted to releasing tear gas. When the dust settled, they saw that their efforts had helped to usher in a new republic. Pallatennis sneakers became a symbol of freedom, and were the favorite sneakers of a generation of French young people.

Palladium sporting club

The 70s saw Palladium move from the battlefield to the sports arena, especially tennis clubs and basketball courts. in the glory days of sports innovation, we developed new models and supported our favorite champions as they fought their way to the top. Basketball legend Alain Gilles became the face of Palladium as he led the asvel team to greatness.

to victory

By designing one of the lightest sporting shoes ever created, Palladium gave basketball players new wings. Dribble, jump, dish and assist were the only things they had to think about on the path to victory.

A passion for tennis

"Monsieur 100,000 Volts" was his nickname since childhood. One of the most talented tennis players of his generation, Patrice Dominguez was constantly pushing the sport of tennis forward. He chose Palladium shoes as a privileged partner as he sought to bolster his speed, his energy, and his thirst to win.

New Yorks underground

When Palladium arrived in America, our discreet and sober shoes were an indisputable hit among New York City's avant-garde. The black pampa low-tops fit perfectly with the wardrobe of the city's adventurous gay community and became an iconic part of their uniform. As Madonna's star was rising, the pampa vogued in forbidden places. Our shoes exuded confidence with their powerful style, fostering affirmation and pride.

Symbol of pride

Gay people continued to face persecution in 1980s New York, but they were no longer willing to hide. They encouraged each other to live more openly and to fight harder for fair treatment. Some dressed more expressively in an effort to set themselves apart and show that they were proud to be different. Colored bandanas worn on the wrist and neck were a way to show they belonged to the community — and conveyed a secret code to tell each other where they fit in the tribe.

Paint it

In the 80s, New York City was a breeding ground for emerging subcultures. Its energy, its boldness, its unlimited possibilities called creative and disruptive minds from around the world to the city, including Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. Freedom was their aim - freedom of speech, freedom to create and freedom to love. Clothes became an important way to announce their identity and state of mind. Artistic communities frequently opted for an all-black look to set themselves apart, laced up in Palladium's Pampa Black sneakers.

photo of andy warhol

Colour overflow

Grunge Gigs & Raving away

Punk rock, grunge, and electronic raves. In the 90s, counter-culture movements continued to drive the creative sphere and to push back against the codes of the mainstream. Palladium boots remained a natural choice thanks to their durability and resistance to the elements, for their ability to go from the mosh pit to the open road. But it was also their style that set them apart—their strong, military look had a special appeal for outsiders with the confidence to choose their own path.

These boots are made for gigging

After being known for our canvas boots for decades, the 90s saw many people turn to Palladium's leather models. These boots captured the spirit of the moment with a mix of low-key functionality and rock-and-roll cool.

philosophical brand

Our campaigns have pushed people to reflect on themselves and their connection to the environment. In addition to selling footwear, Palladium has always wanted to foster curiosity and the courage to question the status quo. We were among the first brands to dare to challenge its customers, to ask them to think about their impact on the world.

Ecological Pioneer

Palladium didn't hesitate to create one of the very first lines of ecological shoes in 1991. The innovative models made from nature-friendly materials echoed the values of the brand.

Explore the city

Cities have spread block by block and suburb by suburb while skyscrapers reach ever taller. The bigger cities get, the more mysteries they contain. Palladium seeks to inspire and protect people as they explore the art and soul of the urban landscape, seeking a new perspective in rooftops, undergrounds, and back alleys.

Concrete jungles & Secret spots

Today's explorers have a new and ever-changing frontier: the concrete jungle whose noise and steam, abandoned corners and crowds never stop calling out to them. From a backyard cookout to a rave on an abandoned warehouse, the resistance, comfort, and adaptable look of our boots make them the ultimate gear for exploring the modern city.


Palladium is proud to have collaborated with some of the world's most influential brands and leading creative minds from around the globe. For 70 years we have built a platform that encourages and amplifies real, creative exploration, embodied by partnerships with inspirational individuals, brands and communities. From exploring the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster in Japan. with Pharrell Williams, diving deep into the underground waves of London pirate radio with Skepta et JME, releasing archived product with Neighbourhood or taking flight with developing a head-to-toe M65 uniform with Alpha Industries… It's Palladium's belief that the collaborative process is a tool to federate and inspire the individual.

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Life has much to offer those who dare to embrace the unknown. For over 70 years, Palladium's boots have been at the service of curious and independent individuals like volcano scientist Haroun Tazieff or music artist Pharrell Williams. Call them life explorers: open-minded individuals who have the desire to discover and leave a mark on our world. Decades of supporting life explorers has taught us that the good life doesn't just happen—we have to chase it, to build it, to create it for ourselves. That's why we continue to making timeless and adaptable gear that gives people the freedom to embrace the unexpected. Because who really knows what the weekend has in store? There will always be another trail, another sidewalk, another culture to learn and discover—whether it's in a far-away city or a short bike ride from home.